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dating scholarship

This is a scholarship to encourage dating ‘outside of one’s bubble.' This may involve traveling.

Interpret 'outside of one’s bubble’ how you will. You can apply to meet up with someone they already know, or would like to know better. Or you can plan to meet new people through apps and local introductions. Maybe you need some time out to date yourself? You do you…

The scholarship consists of a contribution towards travel, accommodation for up to a week, and costs of a few dates.

Travel plans to and from anywhere are accepted, even short-distance ones. As Sensitive boyfriend is based on a faraway island, applicants wishing to visit New Zealand are encouraged, including ex-pats, as well as New Zealanders wanting to flee.

Scholarship is open to all genders, and sexual orientations.

Applicants should write (devise) a creative exposition between 500—1000 words, explaining their suitability. References are desirable. Applications should be emailed to by August, 2018, although applications can be submitted year-round.

Scholarship recipients will be chosen by an international panel, including a dating anthroplogist.

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