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‘Spooning is just the beginning’ . . .

personal classes for couples or singles in Cuddle Yoga. ‘Cuddle’ is based on ‘Restorative’ (aka ‘Blanket’) yoga. In ‘Restorative’ you set up comfortable, calming poses that last for about 10 minutes, before making a slow transition into the next pose. ‘Cuddle’ modifies these traditional relaxation poses into two person ones.

There’s normally two instructors per class, in case we need to demonstrate, and because it’s more fun. It’s quite quiet though, compared to usual yoga classes – not much need for instruction after setting up the poses. You can talk to your partner if you want, but normally you’re so relaxed, you’re half asleep.

We can come to you, or you can come to the studio in Parnell, Auckland. Some of the poses are set up on a wood floor, and are more comfortable with cushioning.

Just wear comfortable clothing, whatever you’d wear to a normal class.

Classes are an hour or so, and are by appointment. $20/couple. If you don’t have anyone to cuddle, we can probably find someone.

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Illustration : (c) Amelia Bauer – sorry Amelia!

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