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care packages

Order a care packages for someone going thru a rough time. Previous packages have addressed:
breaking up
coming out (they had done it via the newspaper)
giving up smoking
being sick
being the Chch earthquake
. . . if it sucks there’s a care package for it. They’re just a small gesture of love and compassion, but it will help.

Email me to discuss, with as much info about your friend so I get the tone right . .

card, talisman or woman, chocolate, music or a movie

DeLUXE $20 – $200
includes all the classics, as well as glories we haven’t even thought of yet.
One deluxe care package included an invitation to have lunch with Colin Mathura-Jeffree!! I approached Colin but didn’t hear back. BUT THEN he got in touch with instructions on how to build an invitation to lunch. Big, Glossy. And a pic of Colin with an elephant. Best guy ever.

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