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dog walk dating

Hire a dog, to chaperone you on a date. We have a range of dogs on our books, all of them are well-trained, friendly, and love a good walk. Our dogs are based around central Auckland: Parnell, Mt Eden, Herne Bay, and Mt Albert. We meet you in a park, and you have the dog for an hour, give or take.

Dogs are particularly good on first dates as they’re such an ice breaker. Going for coffee’s just ‘sloppy’, walk it out!

We’d be trusting you to keep Rover on a tight leash and not teach him any bad habits! For example, be a good listener, hold the door open, be ready to lend your jacket in the chill, etc.

All proceeds will go to a dog charity.

email to book a dog.

press for a dog-based dating event we did:

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